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District Management

District Management Staff


The Tenures section is responsible for the preparation and issuance of all forms of tenure as provided for in the Forest, Land and Water Acts. This includes timber, road, land use and water tenures as well as collecting and presenting field and other data for the determination of stumpage rates and the measurement of residue and waste.

Tenures Staff

Stewardship and First Nations

The Stewardship section of the District is responsible for protecting, conserving, and enhancing vegetation, biodiversity, soil and water values on Crown lands. Stewardship practices include identifying, measuring, assessing, protecting, and monitoring those which actively use public resources. The Ministry's stewardship ethic is also designed to sustain and restore the health, beauty, diversity and productivity of the rich mosaic of our Province’s ecosystems.
Stewardship staff also provide district leadership in matters dealing with First Nations to ensure aboriginal rights are not unjustifiably infringed, and accommodating their interests where appropriate.

Stewardship Staff

Engineering and Geomatics

The Engineering Program in the District is responsible for:
-  Monitoring and enforcing engineering standards of forest roads on Crown land; and,
-  For establishing, regulating and monitoring Forest Service Roads for current conditions and use.

The Geomatics section is responsible for inputting & managing spatial data related to ministry information systems. They are also called upon to perform mapping services and simple to moderately complex data analysis & reporting projects of an operational nature.

Engineering/Geomatics Staff

Scaling and Client Services

To ensure that the Crown receives its share of revenue the Scaling section is responsible for the development and management of the District scaling program in accordance with the Forest Act and its Regulations, as well as provincial policy and guidelines. They continuously monitor and inspect scaling sites to ensure all timber cut is satisfactorily scaled and returns are compiled. They ensure scaling sites, scaler appointments and acting scaler appointments are authorized.

The Client Services Section is responsible for supplying support services to the programs and staff in the Resource District, Front Counter BC and for BC Timber Sales, Skeena Business Area. Duties include clerical services, records management, receptionist services and vehicle and asset management.

Scaling/Client Services Staff