An approved range use plan is required for all Range Act Agreements. Normally, an Agreement holder will be responsible for plan preparation. For the purposes of this Protocol, the following three steps form the range use plan preparation process:


Local staff from BC Parks and MOF are encouraged to discuss issues and concerns with respect to the Agreements with the preparer prior to plan development or amendment, as part of their ongoing planning processes. Where the D.M. MOF is responsible for developing a range use plan, normally MOF staff will develop the plan in consultation with BC Parks staff. Occasionally, staff from both ministries may work together on its development. To meet management objectives of BC Parks, a range use plan for these Agreement Areas may require more detail than other range use plans.

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Range use plans and park management plans that apply to Agreement Areas will be referred or sent to the notice of the other ministry. Range use plans developed for areas adjacent to parks will be referred or sent to the notice of BC Parks district staff for consideration in their park planning process.

The goal for completion of referrals is 60 days or less. This includes requesting and responding to comments. Where referral comments are submitted, an acknowledgment of receipt and action if any will be returned to the approving ministry. There will be an opportunity for extensions should the need arise, such as coordinating required field reviews. All requests for extensions must be in writing to the approving official fully outlining the reasons for the request and be received well in advance of the expiration of the referral period. Referral comments must accompany the plan and may be included as an appendix to the range use plan.

The disagreement resolution process detailed at the end of this protocol can be used where professional differences of opinion arise or it is expected professional differences of opinion will arise during the referral process.

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Requirements for approval of range use plans are mandated by statute and must be undertaken as identified in the joint MOU. For interagency disagreements that prevent the approval process from being completed within the set time frame, the decision maker should refer to the disagreement resolution process, detailed in this document, to provide recommendations for a solution.

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