Disagreement Resolution


Local parties are expected to work out the majority of local disagreements among themselves using the normal supervisory channels of decision making.

The intent of this disagreement resolution process is to resolve issues of major policy and technical concern and or to help resolve or provide third party perspective on major disagreements between MOF and BC Parks on matters relating to the administration and management of Range Act Agreements. The ministries will seek to avoid the need for disagreement resolution through ongoing local consultation on issues prior to decisions being taken.

When a determination/decision is made in a disagreement, it will be reported back to the initial line managers who initiated the disagreement resolution process. Normally, a disagreement should be resolved before either ministry takes action under appropriate legislation on the issue in dispute.

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Process for Disagreement on Referral

In cases were disagreement between field staff occur on an issue of importance during the referral process, but prior to making recommendations to a D.M. MOF for a determination, the disagreement and opinions for resolution will be taken to the respective supervisors for resolution.

Where a resolution is agreed upon, the supervisors shall direct their staff accordingly.

Where a resolution can not be arrived at, the supervisors shall collaborate to prepare an informational briefing note on the issue for the attention of the D.M. MOF, setting out the options for consideration. This process for resolution of issues of importance shall take place within the agreed upon time period of completion of referrals unless extended by mutual agreement.

The D.M. MOF shall expeditiously communicate the decision and rationale in writing, to BC Parks.

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Process for Disagreement on Decisions

Where the D.M. MOF advises the D.M. BC Parks of a pending decision and where the D.M. BC Parks disagrees with this decision, the D.M. MOF may refer to a peer review committee for recommendations.

The peer review committee would be expected to consult with whatever levels of authority and subject matter knowledge considered appropriate or necessary in preparing its recommendations.

Recommendations from this committee will go back to the D.M. MOF. No decision regarding the matter in disagreement will be made by the D.M. MOF until the review committee has presented its recommendations. [Back to the top]

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