Administration and Management


As mentioned above, the administration and management of Range Act Agreements within the scope of this Protocol continues under the Range Act . The management of range practices will be in accordance with the FPC of BC Act, its regulations, standards and guidelines. The following addresses specific topics of concerns to MOF and BC Parks in the administration and management of Agreements.

Continuation of Range Act Agreement rightsThese rights are those for Agreements in existence on the date applicable legislation and orders identifying parks and Protected Areas came into force. These rights will continue unless modified as allowed in this legislation. MOF and BC Parks district staff will document these rights including the number of animal unit months authorized.

Transfer, renewal, replacement, suspension, cancellation, consolidation, partitionment, and subdivision of Range Act AgreementsThese actions will be as allowed in the Range Act except that no consolidation with Agreements outside subject park may occur without prior referral to BC Parks.

Amendment to AgreementAmendments will be as allowed in the Range Act subject to authorized use.

Authorized useNo increase in total number of animal unit months authorized under all Range Act Agreements in a specific park area is contemplated in this Protocol.

VacancyVacancies may occur and are subject to the procedures for section 10(2) of the Range Act.

Range Act Agreements with guide outfitters and packersThese Agreements are intended to continue if active and in good standing. If the Minister of Environment, Lands and Parks determines a Park Use Permit can be issued, then these Agreements may be converted to Park Use Permits with the agreement of BC Parks, MOF and the Agreement holder. These Agreements must be consistent with any park management plan or management direction statement.

BC Parks will control and monitor livestock grazing not covered by Agreements according to applicable park management plans or management direction statement and policy.

Range practices such as seeding, grazing schedules, structures and other developmentsRange practices are to be as approved in applicable range use plans consistent with applicable higher level plan objectives and park management plan or management direction statement.

Weed controlMOF is responsible for the control of weeds resulting from range use activites in Agreement Areas. Otherwise BC Parks is responsible for weed control. MOF and BC Parks staff at the local level are encouraged to work cooperatively to determine appropriate weed control where weeds can not be determined to be the result of range use activities.

Range development standardsThe Agreement holder will be responsible for construction and maintenance costs to MOF standards unless specified otherwise in the applicable range use plan. Where no standards exist, the two ministries will review current practices and make a decision on standards to be met. Where standards of developments different from than on adjacent Crown range are required to meet BC Parks objectives, related issues such as construction and maintenance costs will be settled prior to approval.

CabinsA Park Use Permit under the Park Act will be considered as replacement authorization for cabins, used for range management purposes, that are authorized by Special Use Permits under the Forest Act or other authorization. These cabins will be identified in the applicable range use plan.

Water diversionsA Park Use Permit and a Water License under the Water Act are required for taking or diverting water for range management purposes. Other water developments such as dug-outs and wells require a Park Use Permit. These diversions will be identified in the applicable range use plan.

TrespassMOF will carry out required enforcement action on Agreement Areas according to FPC of BC Act and associated legislation, policy and procedures.

BC Parks will determine appropriate actions for trespass, including any livestock trespass, on park land outside the Agreement Areas. BC Parks and MOF are encouraged to work cooperatively on enforcement actions and recovery of associated costs for trespass on park land from any Agreement area.

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Resource Monitoring

BC Parks has the responsibility for monitoring all resources within British Columbia's provincial parks. BC Parks may conduct resource monitoring activities within Range Act Agreement Areas.

MOF will ensure Agreements are in compliance with resource monitoring objectives of pertinent approved range use plans. Monitoring information will be shared and available for consideration in the development of these range use plans.

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Range use plans for these Range Act Agreement Areas will be referred to BC Parks.

Staff at the local level of both ministries will communicate on and discuss issues of concern regarding the administration and management of Agreements whenever possible. Meetings at the local level may be required to confirm standards and the number of animal unit months authorized for the Agreements. Sharing of activity plans for the Agreement Areas will help staff from both ministries with scheduling of regular and as needed interagency meetings to discuss implementation and other issues related to this Protocol.

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The two ministries will cooperate in the use of information systems such as those for monitoring and enforcement and will provide reports from these systems for the Agreement Areas as requested.

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