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Moose and Watershed Stewardship Pilot

Tripartite Working Group Overview

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The Moose and Watershed Stewardship Pilot is about collaboration between Government, Secwepemc Reconciliation Framework Agreement (RFA) signatory First Nations (Secwepemc) and major forest licensees to foster better stewardship of the forest resource and associated moose and watershed values in the Pilot Area.  The Pilot Area encompasses three adjacent watersheds (Criss Creek, Tranquille River and Jamieson Creek).

The Working Group members retained Fraser Basin Council to coordinate and facilitate a collaborative planning process and to develop the plan.  After over a year working together, the planning process wrapped up in December 2015, and the plan was ratified by all parties on April 5, 2016.

The collaborative plan provides for:

  • Improved land and resource management planning;
  • Improved communications and relationships;
  • Improved resource management of moose habitat, riparian systems and functioning, and access, while maintaining forest productivity.

The content for the plan were generated by the Working Group participants during monthly meetings.  Meeting summaries were approved by the Working Group, and then posted on this MFLNRO District public website, along with other presentation material, existing information and plans, and new emerging information.  Working Group Meetings were generally not open to the public, but submissions and requests could be made for consideration by the Working Group.

Photo provided by: Chris Procter, Wildlife Biologist

Final Draft Plan and Maps

At their meeting on December 9, 2015, the Tripate Working Group recommended this final draft plan goes for approval as per the steps outlined in Chapter 18. This draft plan was ratified on April 5, 2016, with implementation beginning immediatley.

Implementation: Access Management

One of the key implementation items in the plan is a “recommendation to create an access management plan, addressing multiple goals, using multiple approaches, and with a list of desired deliverables.”. To that end, a draft Access Management Plan has been developed and is now open for review and comment.
Comments on this draft plan are welcomed until June 10th, 2016. After that date, the plan will be finalized and implementation will begin. Questions and comments can be directed to Rachael Pollard, Resource Manager, Thompson Rivers Natural Resource District (

Proposed Moose and Watershed Stewardship Pilot Tripartite Working Group - Terms of Reference:

Satellite Moose Tracking Image and Photo provided by: Chris Procter, Wildlife Biologist

Meeting Resources:

Meeting Summaries:

Meeting Presentations:

Secwepemc Reconciliation and Framework Agreement (RFA):

Secwepemc RFA signatory First Nations that are participating in the MWSP are Tk’emlups to Secwepemc (TteS), Skeetchestn Indian Band (SkIB), Adams Lake Indian Band, Splatsin First Nation and Shuswap Indian Band).  Secwepemc and the Province have entered into the Secwepemc Reconciliation Framework Agreement (Secwepemc RFA) effective April 10, 2013.

Learning Opportunities and Existing Resources:

Emerging Information, New Studies or Initiatives, or Topic Experts

Existing Plans, Reports and Strategies

Access Management Information


Established Processes, or Topic Experts


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    Rachael Pollard, Resource Manager

    1265 Dalhousie Street, Kamloops, BC



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