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Road Closures / Notices

UPDATED: May 19, 2017

Forest Service Road Closures

Jamieson Creek FSR – Closed between 0km and 20km until further notice. No access from the Wentworth FSR. Multiple washouts between 0km and 20km requiring professional assessment.

Sawmill FSR – Closed at 29km – Large Cut slope Slump. Repairs will be completed once ground conditions become safe.

Gorman Lake FSR – Closed until further notice. Large unpassable washout at 14km.

Tum Tum Harbour FSR – Closed until further notice. Large upslope landslide at approximately 10km. Licensee has requested geotechnical assessment and timing for repairs will depend on the results.

Gold Creek FSR – Closed until further notice. South east end of Adams Lake. Multiple washouts and recently discovered Landslide will require ground level assessment.

McGillvray Lake FSR – Closed until further notice. Fill slope failure at 16km unpassable. Repairs will be completed once soil moisture conditions become safe.

Paul Creek FSR – Closed until further notice. Fill Slope failure at 2.5km. No ETA for repairs.

Siwash Creek FSR – closed until further notice. Washout at 3km.

Peddie Mountain FSR – closed until further notice. Washout at 3km.

Bone Creek FSR – Closed until further notice. Cut Slope failure at 5km. RUP holder planning repairs.

Safety notices

Battle Creek FSR – small ditch line washouts at 4.5km and 9km. Still passable. Repair pending.  

Darlington FSR – undermining culvert at 15.5km. Warning signs in place. Repair Pending.

Dixon FSR – Fill slope instability at 4.5km. Road Use Permit holder responding. No ETA for repairs.

Chuck Creek FSR – Fill slope failure at 4km. Road Use Permit holder to repair this week.

 O Connor Lake/Wentworth FSR’s – high water still reported as a concern around culverts on these roads. No washouts reported to date but use caution on these roads.

Continue to use caution while traveling any resource roads. Soil moisture conditions remain high and many FSR’s are still saturated. Both public and internal reports are still coming in regarding water concerns so please be extremely careful when traveling forest roads. If you come across a concern ensure your safety first, stay clear of the area, mark the location with some type of warning, record as much information as possible, take pictures and have an accurate and clear description of the location, maps are best, (GPS co-ordinates if possible).


Forest roads are designed, constructed and maintained for a variety of uses including access for timber harvesting, recreation, grazing and forest protection for fire, insects and disease. There are more than 1500 kilometres of Forest Service roads, and 50 bridges, in our District. There are also more than 15,000 km of non-status roads. The Kamloops Timber Supply Area (LRMP) has an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 km of roads.

Thompson Rivers Resource Roads Safety Committee


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