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Notice to Commence Work - Site Factor List

Site Indentification [all fields are form validated]

Licensee If you are not listed in the drop down list select "other"
Tenure Cutting Authority, Licence, Road Permit or FSR number
Cutting Permit Only submit for multiple blocks or sections when risk values are identical or not required.
Seperate with colon or comma.
Contractor / Licensee Rep
Commence Date Format yyyy/mm/dd
Geographic Location
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The following Site factor information is to be completed for those blocks/sections where there is not a prescription or design approved by the district manager. Select only those values that exist.

Site Risk Values

Water Quality Site is in a community watershed
Known licensed domestic water supply intakes in area
Riparian/Fish Habitat Fish Bearing Streams within the unit
Marine sensitive zones
Fisheries sensitive zones
Wildlife Habitat Area in known wildlife habitat area
Area with known wildlife habitat features
Area in known ungulate winter range
Site Productivity Sensitive soils on site or steep terrain
Visual Quality Site in known scenic area
Site in visually sensitive area
Recreation/Range Known recreation facilities or features in area
Area managed for local recreation facilities or features
Range development on, or adjacent to site
Recreation Inventory Rating
Cultural Heritage Area with cultural heritage values
Area as having potential for cultural heritage values
Utilities/Private Property Utilities within, down slope of or adjacent to
Private or other property down slope of or bordering site
Public Health & Safety Rural or urban development adjacent to or down slope
Passenger rail line adjacent to or down slope
Little or no use of area by public
Road used by public adjacent to or down slope
Commonly used rec site, trail or access to either adjacent or down slope


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