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Timber Tenure System


The Timber Tenure system is the collection of legislation, regulations, contractual agreements, permits and government policies that define and constrain the right to harvest the province’s timber. The term "timber tenure" is commonly used to describe the contract between a company or individual and the government which grants the right to harvest a specified volume of timber.

In the Fort Nelson Forest District a wide variety of timber tenures are in place, reflecting the diverse objectives for forest use.

See the Timber Tenures in British Columbia Publication for more information.
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The current timber tenure system was established as a result of the 1979 Forest Act .

The Forest Act and its associated regulations provide the structure for the tenure system. They set out:

  • the forms of agreement under which Crown timber can be sold and factors that must be considered by the ministry when this occurs;
  • the rights and obligations of each form of tenure; and
  • rules about administration of tenures.

Although many other statutes affect the tenure system, the Forest and Range Practices Act as well as the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and the associated regulations are the most significant.


Tenure Program Areas

First Nations
Regulating the Harvest


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Pre-Tenure Plans
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Timber Tenure system [PDF 852kb]
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