Fort Nelson Forest District

Geomatic Services

The Geomatic Services section provides geographic information management and support, professionally, efficiently and to the highest standards to our partners and clients provincially to support forest and range land management.

Our informal motto is:

We record the past, monitor the present and model the future.

In the Fort Nelson Forest District, this involves all aspects of spatial data. This is all data that has a locational component to it. This includes supporting other sections by doing analysis and producing maps and assisting staff from other sections to produce maps and mapping products.


Geomatics Defined

Geomatics is the science, engineering, and art involved in acquiring, gathering, managing, analyzing, interpreting, representing, storing and retrieving, distributing and otherwise using spatial information.

Geomatics encompasses a broad range of disciplines that can be brought together to create a detailed but understandable picture of the physical world and our place in it.

Geomatics includes (but is not limited to) disciplines such as:

  • Surveying;
  • Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry (aerial and satellite imagery);
  • Geodesy (precise measurements on the earth and of the earth);
  • Cartography (map making);
  • Geographic Information Systems; and
  • Global Positioning Systems


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