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Program Function

Aerial view of typical cutblock northeast of Fort Nelson.

Forest Practices in British Columbia is based on the understanding that through careful planning and practice it is possible to manage natural forests to allow resource use while also maintaining important ecological structures and processes.

The Forest Practices mandate is to promote forest management strategies and practices that ensure the sustainable use of British Columbia’s forests and protection of the key environmental values under the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). The District Forest Practices team supports this mandate by assisting with the development, monitoring and evaluation of forest management standards, strategies and management practices. The District Forest Practices team provides decision support related to sustainable timber supply and professional advice and opinions related to all operational and strategic plans that apply to the working forest.


Program Focus

Alaska Highway view from South end of Fort Nelson Forest District looking North, February 1990.

The primary activities that the Forest Practices Program within the Fort Nelson Forest District will focus on are participation in the FRPA Resource Evaluation Program (FREP), the District Forest Health monitoring program and Timber Supply Review (TSR).

Other current activities that the Forest Practices Program will maintain involvement in are Strategic planning (Land Use Planning, e.g. LRMP) issues, Operational planning (FSP's) and Silviculture. There are some overlaps with the Tenures and Compliance and Enforcement programs within the District. These relate to FSP's (Forest Stewardship Plans) and Silviculture activities.

Also, for the Fort Nelson Forest District's Forest Practices program there will be varied responsibilities for monitoring Oil & Gas activities on the land base. Especially as the various Oil & Gas activities relate to access issues, timber utilization issues and any resulting forest health concerns as a result of their activities. These activities include seismic exploration, Petroleum Develpoment Roads (PDR's), pipeline construction and development of oil and gas processing facilites.

As accountabilities realized from the new FRPA legislation become apparent over the next few years more focus areas may be brought under the umbrella of the Forest Practices Program.


Forest Practices Program Areas

Forest Health
Forest Stewardship Plans (FSPs)
Higher Level Plans
Oil & Gas
Timber Supply Review (TSR)
Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI)

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