Fort Nelson Forest District

Compliance and Enforcement

Program Function

Dunedin River 7 - North West of the town of Fort Nelson, Dec 2004.

The Compliance and Enforcement Program is responsible for protecting the public's interest in the management of B.C.'s forests and the generation of revenue by:

  • Enforcing environmental standards under legislation for forest and range management carried out both by the government and by forest and range tenure holders,
  • Enforcing the revenue policies that govern removal and transportation of timber, marking, scaling, etc.,
  • Combating "forest crimes" (theft, arson, mischief) which are a significant drain on provincial revenue and a significant risk to other environmental, social and economic values,
  • Enforcing regulations to minimize fire, pests and unauthorized activities that threaten the province's forest and range resources, and
  • Enforcing rules governing the use of Forest Service recreation sites and trails.
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