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Cascades Natural Resource District   Merritt and Lillooet TSA's

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Cascades Forest District

What's New 

Starting April 1, 2017, FLNRO contracts will require Safety Accord Forest Enterprise (SAFE) Company Certification for parties bidding or receiving specified contracts.

Natural Resource Violation Reporting

Report Natural Resource Violations, including damage or illegal use of Crown Land, forest or water:

Fill out a Report of Natural Resource Violation form
or call 1 877 952-RAPP (1 877 952-7277)

To report poaching or pollution violations, contact the Conservation Officer Service at 1 877 952-7277 or visit their website.

FrontCounter BC

Fire Bans and Restrictions (Campfire & Burning Info)

Recreation Closure Areas (DCS)

Engineering (FSR) Road Information Page (Cascades)

Timber Supply Review (Forest Inventory and Analysis)

Permits and Applications (Forests)

Burning Permits: Backyard Burning Brochure
Burning Permit Information - we do not issue burning permits from the Cascades (Merritt) office.  Please read the backyard burning brochure provided by Protection Branch first.
Need a burning permit?  Call the reference line 1-888-797-1717

Private Timber Mark Information Web Site
please submit completed application to:

Cutting Permit Information

Road Permit Information

Firewood - includes Map (to assess areas not eligible for firewood harvest)

Christmas Tree Permit


Mountain Pine Beetle

Woodlot TSA Information

Small Scale Salvage