Timber Marks for Private Land

A Private Timber Mark does not grant the authority to cut timber.
Please check with the applicable local government to determine if additional approvals are required


Required For All Applications



If timber will be transported off private property and scaled elsewhere, a Mark Site Designation is required.  Once you have successfully applied for a Private Timber Mark (PTM) and received your PTM certificate, please submit a completed Mark Site Designation form to our office at least 1 week before hauling timber.
Where To Submit Your Application

Please ensure that your private property for this application falls within the Campbell River Natural Resource District boundary:
Submit all completed documents to:

Email:  Forests.CampbellRiverDistrictOffice@gov.bc.ca

Fax:  (250) 286-9490

Campbell River Natural Resource District
370 South Dogwood Street
Campbell River,  B.C.
V9W 6Y7

Phone:  (250) 286-9300