Campbell River Natural Resource District


Timber Pricing and Revenue

The Campbell River Natural Resource District Timber Pricing and Revenue staff are responsible for the District’s activities related to forest measurements (timber cruising and residue & waste surveys) and timber pricing (district appraisal reviews).

Timber cruising entails the measurement of timber to be harvested. The timber cruise provides data that is essential for determining stumpage rates on Crown timber, such as volume and grade by species.  Although licensees are responsible for timber cruising, district staff carries out random checks to ensure the cruising meets the required FLNRO standards.

Residue and waste surveys are carried out following the completion of primary harvesting. These surveys  measure the timber which is left on harvested areas. Licensees are also responsible for completing these surveys, which are subsequently submitted to district staff for their review and approval.

The District Timber Pricing staff review appraisal data submissions received from licensees. The data includes information such as the timber cruise and estimated road and bridge development costs particular to the cutting authority area that is under application. This data is then electronically sent to Regional pricing staff for their use in determining the stumpage rate for each cutting authority.


The Campbell River Natural Resource District Scaling program authorizes and designates all industry scalers, scale sites and timber marks given to wood being transported.  The District program conducts check scales, verifying the accuracy of industry operations to ensure all harvested timber is delivered and scaled properly, scales are submitted for billing and then billing is paid.


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