Campbell River Natural Resource District

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Can I collect wood from the beach? (includes firewood, driftwood, bark etc.)

There are different considerations above and below the high-tide line.  The area where the beach is regularly wetted by the tides is below the high-tide line.   

Wood above the high tide line and on Crown Land can be collected provided;

        It is for personal use and will not be sold or traded,

        It is less than 3m (10ft) in length,

        It is beach worn, free of bark and rounded on both ends

        Does not have a hammer mark or Timber Brand on either end,

        Is not on Crown foreshore land within or adjacent to the following areas:

Do not remove wood from:

        Private Land

        Indian Reserves

No right of access onto or through these lands is given or implied.  The onus is on the person wishing to collect beach wood to determine the ownership of the foreshore.

Persons engaging in collecting wood will assume all risk of loss or injury and save harmless the Crown from all and any claims.

Residual sawdust or debris resulting from the collecting of wood must be kept to a minimum and must not be allowed to accumulate.  Special care must be used to prevent oil or grease pollution.

Motorized vehicles must not be operated on foreshore land or beach and must not block sidewalks or paths.


Wood below the high tide line is within the Vancouver Log Salvage District and removal requires a salvage permit.

The Forest Act s. 124 requires a person salvaging logs in a Log Salvage District to have a permit.

The Log Salvage Regulation for the Vancouver log salvage District defines a log as any log, bolt, pole, pile, boomstick, swifter, tree or other unmanufactured wood product.

Section 20(2) of the regulation sets the fee for a salvage permit at $250 per year.



For information about marine log salvage permits, please contact:



Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
West Coast Region

2100 Labieux Road

Nanaimo BC  V9T 6E9

Ph:  (250) 751-7001

fax: (250) 751-7190



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Thank you for your co-operation.