Personal-Use Firewood Cutting on
 Crown Land


How Can I Apply? 

Before applying please have the following information ready:

  • your e-mail address
  • the physical address of where the wood is going to
  • the licence plate number of the vehicle that will be transporting the wood

Always carry your permit and identification with you, as you are required by law to produce both if requested by a Natural Resource Officer or Police Officer.

Online:                                       Firewood Cutting Permit

In Person:                               370 South Dogwood Street                Map
                                                  Campbell River, B.C.


Where Can I Cut Fire Wood?

Firewood can be cut from the designated cutting area.  The following area is currently open for firewood cutting. 


Firewood Location Map

Fire Prevention Package

Please print the Firewood Location Map and Fire Prevention Package then attach to your permit.
  For any other areas of interest that are not listed, please contact the Campbell River District at (250) 286-9300.

In addition to the downloadable maps (above), you can also get hardcopy firewood area maps at the Campbell River Natural Resource District: Office Location  


What Can I Cut?

In authorized firewood cutting areas, the following applies:

  • In former timber sale licence areas: post harvest waste and residue, piled at roadside may be removed where maps have been provided
  • For other approved areas: only dead and down timber may be removed as defined where maps have been provided.

No standing timber (e.g. live trees or snags) whatsoever may be cut. 
Failure to comply may result in prosecution.


How Much Wood Can I Take?

A maximum of 9 m3 (three (3) cords) of wood per household, per year, can be removed from the area

 Are There Restrictions on Where and How it is Transported?

The firewood must only be transported to the residence identified on your permit and only in the vehicle bearing the licence plate number that you provide in your application.  Firewood must be cut to a length not greater than 40 cm (16 inches).

Can I Sell the Wood?

Any firewood cut under this permit is for personal use only and cannot be sold.  For information on commercial firewood cutting permits, please contact your local Ministry office and inquire about the Small Scale Salvage program.


How Long is the Permit Valid?

This permit is valid until the supply of roadside logging debris in the permit area has been exhausted, or is otherwise disposed of by the Ministry, or until the end of the calendar year in which the permit was issued, whichever comes first.


Who Assumes the Risk for Loss or Injury?

Persons engaging in firewood cutting under this permit will assume all risk of loss or injury and save harmless the Crown from all and any claims.

Thank you for your co-operation.