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Consultative Area Database

To determine which First Nations to conduct information sharing with, please use the Consultative Areas Database Public (CAD).  Please note this mapping tool does not show the consultative boundaries, but will identify a list of First Nations and contacts for the site or area you identify. For detailed contact information please refer to the Contact List above. You will find  helpful user guidance information on the left hand side of the webpage. 

Archaeological Overview Assessments (AOA) in the
Campbell River District

The AOAs should be referenced to determine whether archaeological reviews are required for a given area.  Project proponents will want to consider whether further archaeological reviews are necessary prior to submission of applications for District approval.  Major forest licensees or development project proponents who contemplate operations spanning several 1:20000 mapsheets may be eligible to acquire the password to the AOAs.  Woodlot operators or smaller project proponents can request the specific mapsheets.

For further enquiries please contact Sheri Petrovcic, Authorization Specialist. 
Phone 250-286-9300

Access is restricted to the following links, password is required:

Westcoast Archaeological Overview Assessment

East Coast Archaeological Overview Assessment (TFL47 area deleted)


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