Electronic Submission Information

Electronic Submission Framework

The Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) allows clients of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources (FLNR) to submit data electronically for RESULTS (Silviculture) and FTA (Forest Tenures) applications.

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Guidelines, Standards, Specifications and General Information

Ezilink Quick Reference FTA Submissions

EziLink can quickly and easily create e-Submissions for both Forest Tenure (FTA) and Silviculture (RESULTS) through the use of automation wizards.  EziLink can upload and save submissions as well as generate reports in a PDF format that can be printed or emailed.  Other government approved software is Phoenix and FME.

The Ezilink Users Manual contains valuable information to get you started with your e-Submission application.

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Land Status, Reporting and Risk Model Tools         Top

The following applications and tools will assist our clients through the process of creating successful tenure submissions thereby decreasing application approval timelines. 

Land Use and Reporting Applications:

Land Status and Conflict Resolution Applications:

Land Land Status, Conflict Resolution and Risk Model Tools: