Forest Stewardship Plans                             Top

A Forest Stewardship Plan shows areas on a map where a forest licensee may carry out forest development activities over a period of up to five years.  The areas included in the FSP are called Forest Development Units.  The plan also states the results, strategies or measures that the forest licensee will achieve in order to be consistent with government objectives for forest values.  There are 11 forest values identified by government:  soil, timber, wildlife, fish, water, biodiversity, cultural heritage resources, resource features, recreation resources, visual quality, forage and associated plant communities.  Once the FSP is approved, the government then may issue a cutting permit or a road permit to the forest licensee giving them authority to harvest timber or build roads. 

Approved Forest Stewardship Plans

Plan Holder License Numbers Contact Forest Stewardship Plans
BC Timber Sales   (604) 702-5700

Maps and Info

Cascade Lower Canyon Community Forest General Partnership Corp K3J 604-751-4389 Maps and Info
Chawathil First Nation A79502 (604) 904-9591 Maps and Info
Cheam First Nation A81822 604-824-2692 Contact Licensee
District of Mission TFL 26 (604) 820-3762

Maps and Info

In-Shuck-ch Forestry Limited Partnership A79368   Contact Licensee
Kruger Products Ltd. TFL 43 (604) 522-5711 Contact Licensee
Kwaw-Kwaw-apilt A90236 604-824-2692 Contact Licensee
Lakeside Pacific Forest Products Ltd. A19207 (604) 793-9340

Contact Licensee

Leq'a:mel Forestry Partnership Limited A79504 (604) 980-5061 Contact Licensee
Matsqui First Nation Development Corporation A84106 604-870-1191 Contact Licensee
Northwest Hardwoods Canada, Inc A87588, A79506 (604) 223-0245 Contact Licensee
Probyn Log Ltd. A75657 (604) 540-5363

Contact Licensee

Seabird Island Forestry Limited Partnership A81096, A91108 (604) 796-2177

Contact Licensee

Shxw'ohamel Ventures GP Ltd   604-870-1191 Contact Licensee
Skwah A90380 604-824-2692 Contact Licensee
Sts'ailes and Sts'ailes Natural Resources Inc. A80584, A63986 (604) 823-4830 Contact Licensee
Teal Cedar Products Ltd. A19201 T0822 (604) 587-8700

Maps and Info

Tolson Enterprises Ltd. TL0733 (604) 823-6525

Contact Licensee

Tamihi Logging Ltd., 606546 BC Ltd., and Silver Spring Timber Ltd. A20542, A74688, A77464, A81823, A19202 (604) 823-4830

Contact Licensee

Ts'elxweyeqw Forestry Limited Partnership A75807, A91109 604-824-2692 Contact Licensee
Union Bar A82638 604-869-9930 Contact Licensee
Yale First Nation A79507 (604) 869-0013

Contact Licensee

Woodlot Licence Plans                                   Top

 A Woodlot Licence Plan (WLP) takes a slightly different approach to presenting information in relation to objectives set by government or found in legislation.  The plan for woodlots, which are a fixed area tenure, mainly use a default format when addressing results and strategies.  Furthermore, mapping requirements direct the licensees to show the boundaries of areas for which the identified default results or strategies apply.  In general terms the end result is a map that identifies the areas on the woodlot where clearcut harvesting will take place, where partial harvesting will take place and where no harvesting will occur.  The term of a WLP is 10 years.  Following the approval of the WLP, cutting permit and road permit applications will identify individual cutblocks to be harvested and roads to be constructed. 

Approved Woodlot Licence Plans

Plan Holder

Licence Numbers


Woodlot Licence Plans


Ch-ihl-kway-uhk Forest Ltd.

WL W0084

(604) 824-2692

Contact Licensee

Chilliwack Valley

Durieu Forest Products Ltd.

WL W0001

(604) 826-3274

Contact Licensee

Hatzic Valley

BCIT Forest Society

WL W0007

(604) 432-8862

Contact Licensee

Blue Mountain

Sturgeon Bay Resource Management Ltd.

WL W0044

(604) 304-9006

Contact Licensee

Cascade Peninsula

Chehalis Indian Band

WL W0089

(604) 796-2116

Contact Licensee

Sakwi Creek

Probyn Log Ltd.

WL W1698

(604) 526-0891

Contact Licensee

Chehalis River

Kelle Bros. Auto Ltd.

WL W0045

(250) 304-9006

Contact Licensee

Sumas Mountain

Allison Pass Sawmills Ltd.

WL W1436

(250) 741-1993

Contact Licensee

Dogwood Valley

Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd.

WL W0038

(604) 462-7316

Contact Licensee

Blue Mountain

Kruger Products L.P.

WL W1699

(604) 528-4568

Contact Licensee

5 km northwest of Harrison Hot Springs

Scowlitz First Nation WL W1435 (604) 826-5813 Contact Licensee Mount Woodside/Harrison Bay
C&H Forest Products Ltd. WL W0043

(604) 826-1902

Contact Licensee Elbow Lake
Kwantlen First Nation WL W0086 (604) 888-2488 Contact Licensee Blue Mountain


FRPA Government Objectives                   Top

The FRPA planning framework requires that forest tenure holders must submit various operational plans to government for approval prior to carrying out forestry activities.  Operational plans include Forest Stewardship Plans, Woodlot Licence Plans, Range Use Plans or Range Stewardship Plan.  The content of these operational plans are guided by government established objectives.  Government agencies with authority to establish these objectives include the Ministry or Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry Tourism, Culture and the Arts and the Integrated Land Management Bureau. 

While the establishment, filing and maintenance of government objectives remains the responsibility of the individual authorized agency(s), the Chilliwack Natural Resource District office has information available to assist forest and range tenure holders with identifying government objectives applicable to their specific tenured area.  For assistance contact Lucy Stad, Stewardship Forester at 604-702-5763 or


Data and Information Sources                   Top


Persons developing a Forest Stewardship Plan and Woodlot License Plan under the Forest and Range Practices Act can find information related to natural resources and environmental protection & sustainability in the following places:

1. Visit BC Government Use the search field in the upper right corner and enter keywords or search phrases to direct you to relevant and current web sites, documents or the BC Data catalogue where spatial data can be obtained. 

2. Information that is not accessible through the BC Government internet site can be found on this Chilliwack Natural Resource District FTP

3. Please check here for Forest and Range Practices Act Bulletins