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General Information

The Chilliwack Natural Resource District is located in the southern mainland portion of the South Coast Natural Resource Region bordered by Bowen Island to the west, Manning Park to the east, Boston Bar to the north and the United States border to the south. It covers approximately 1.4 million hectares and is the most densely populated Forest District in the province.


Highlighted Topics and Notices


Wildlife and Old Growth Management in the Echo Lake Area

The woodlot holder has started road construction in the area and is planning small harvesting entries over an extended period with retention of the large veteran trees. The forest in the woodlot is not considered old growth or seral stage (greater than 250 years) and is generally a mature seral forest with some veteran trees. to learn more, please see this factsheet

Wood Lake Post Wildfire Information and Hazards Notice

Please be advised of the following important information regarding post-wildfire activities in and around the Wood Lake Fire on the west side of Harrison Lake.

Updated: April 2017 - Wood Lake Recreation Site is open. Please review the notices below regarding hazards within the post wildfire area.

Wood Lake Post Wildfire Information and Hazards Notice

Hazards associated with recently burnt areas



Forest Service Road Warnings and Closure notices are posted as information is known. Be advised that there may be instances where an event on a road or bridge has not yet been identified. People using Forest Service Roads should do so with caution.  Please report any road safety issues to the Chilliwack Natural Resource District office at 604-702-5700.


Please visit our  Forest Service Roads page to view an interactive web map with additional information about Forest Service Roads and Recreation Sites in the Chilliwack Natural Resource District.  Also, please read the Road Safety, Road Use Regulations and Road Policy information before travelling on Forest Service Roads.

Forest Service Road (FSR) Warnings and Closures

June 15, 2017: Lost Creek Forest Service Road : Various Structure Replacements (1.6 km, 1.8 km and 6.0 km)

Road Closure Information: August 14 - September 1, 2017 No Vehicle Access

June 15, 2017: Army Forest Service Road: Road stabilization works

Road Closure Information: July 31 September 1 No Vehicle Access.

June 15, 2017: Harrison East Forest Service Road:  CK-2539 Structure Replacement  at 20 km

Road Closure Information: September 6 September 15 No Vehicle Access

August 4, 2016: Mowhokam Forest Service Road
Structure CK-2207 located on Mowhokam FSR at approximately 15.7 km is condemned due to unsafe structure conditions. New load rating : 0.00 tonne
May 11, 2016: Tshileuh Forest Service Road
Road is closed at approximately 5 km due to a road washout
March 2, 2016: Spuzzum Creek Forest Service Road:
Please be advised that there is no road access beyond aproximately 4.5 km due to a debris torrent event.

Nahatlatch Forest Service Road

Structures CK-2473 and CK-2478 located on Nahatlatch FSR at approximately  42.6 km and 45.3 km were condemned and removed due to unsafe structure conditions.

Nahatlatch- Grizzly Forest Service Road

Structure CK-2479 located on Nahatlatch-Gritzly FSR at approximately  2.1 km  is downrated to 40 tonnes.

Silverhope Forest Service Road

Structure CK-2287 located on Silverhope FSR at approximately  0.6 km is downrated to 40 tonnes.

Simms Forest Service Road

Structure CK-2287 located on Simms FSR at approximately  8.6 km and is downrated to 1 tonnes. ATV access only

North Ainslie FSR

Structure CK-2206, located on North Ainslie FSR at approximately 19.4km is condemned. Load Rating 0 tonnes. No Vehicle access


Notice of Resource Road Radio Channel Implementation in the Chilliwack Natural Resource District:  The Chilliwack Natural Resource District will be implementing the resource road radio channels later this autumn. Please see this notice for more information or visit the Chilliwack Natural Resource District Resource Road Radio Channels website.
Notice to all Road Use Permit holders: regarding the building of Forest Service Road Bridges, Major Culverts or installation of Fish Stream Culverts.
See District Manager Requirements here

Hatzic Information Update

As referenced in the District Manager letter to the Hatzic Valley Logging Committee, dated December 12, 2012, a report summarizing hydrological information of the Hatzic Lake drainage area has now been completed. The report provides an assessment of topographical and historical influences on the hydrology of the area. View Report Here

Latest Avalanche Bulletins - Public avalanche bulletins and special avalanche warnings for many of the mountainous regions of western Canada.
Information about Forest Stewardship Plans:
To learn more about Forest Stewardship Plans (FSP), Forest Development Units (FDU), how the public can be involved, and other questions about FSP's,
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BC Bid Questions and Answers

Invitation to Tender and Bid Proposal: - BC Bid



Permits and Forms

Free Use Permits

Forest Service Road Permits:

    - Road Use Permit
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    - Works Permit
    - Junction Permit

Danger Trees

Bough Harvesting

Private Timber Marks

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Fire Information

Forest Education

  • The Tree Book will help you identify the native trees in your neighbourhood and understand why they grow where they do.
  • Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia is the third version of a Canadian Forest Service tree disease identification guide for British Columbia. This site is useful for arborists, horticulturists, and homeowners as a guide in the diagnosis of disease on a wide range of plants.

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Chilliwack Natural Resource District
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