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Parent Tree Information Policy
Chief Foresterís Standards for Seed Use

Effective Date: June 1, 2005


A person may apply to Tree Improvement Branch (TIB) to have an identification number assigned to a new parent tree or to amend information associated with a previously identified parent tree in accordance with section 5.3 of the Chief Foresterís Standards for Seed Use.

TIB must assign or confirm an identification number to a parent tree, and record or amend information accordingly if the application is complete and accurate, and if it meets the applicable standards.


New information or amendments to parent tree information, such as tested area of use and breeding value, can directly and immediately impact on a lotís transfer limits and genetic worth, respectively, under the Chief Foresterís Standards for Seed Use. Complications may arise by confirming amendments to parent tree information after pollen flight and prior to cone collection, during the peak sowing request season (August through January), or in the middle of the planting season. This policy is intended to mitigate some of these issues.

With few exceptions, the testing of parent trees is conducted by Research Branch, Ministry of Forests. Testing of parent trees or parent tree information may however arise from persons other than employees of the ministry.

This policy outlines how persons should assess and submit parent tree information to TIB under section 5.3 of the Chief Foresterís Standards for Seed Use. It describes how TIB will review and confirm this information. It also clarifies the role of other persons, such as the Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia (FGC) and its committees, in providing input and technical advice on parent trees and their associated information.


New parent tree information from ministry tree breeders should be reviewed by the applicable technical advisory and species committees established by the FGC. Comments or concerns regarding the parent tree information presented by the tree breeder must be submitted in writing to the Manager, Forest Genetics, Research Branch and a copy sent the Director, TIB.

If a person, other than a person employed by the ministry, wishes to apply for a parent tree identification number, request an amendment to an existing parent tree, or submit information concerning parent trees contributing to a lot from a non-BC seed source (e.g. breeding values for USA parent trees), that person must submit the information in an application to the Director, TIB. The Director, TIB will subsequently forward the parent tree information to the Manager, Forest Genetics, for technical review.

Following the technical review, Manager, Forest Genetics, will confirm if the parent tree information was determined in accordance with generally accepted scientific methodology.

In the case of new parent tree information determined by ministry tree breeders, the Manager, Forest Genetics, will submit that information to TIB in writing and confirm that it was determined in accordance with generally accepted scientific methodology. This information may be submitted in advance electronically using SPAR.

Wherever possible amendments to parent tree information should be submitted to TIB between January 1 and March 1 of a calendar year, and in advance of pollen flight.

Upon receipt TIB will assess requests for completeness and accuracy, and determine if the applicable standards have been met. If these criteria are not met, the Director, TIB, will inform the person who submitted the information in writing.

If the information is complete and accurate, TIB will confirm and record the parent tree information in SPAR as soon as possible. Where applicable, TIB will also update the transfer limits and genetic worth of affected active registered lots in SPAR on or before July 1. TIB will notify affected stakeholders and lot owners of the confirmed amendments in advance of making these changes in SPAR.

Not withstanding the above, if in some specific circumstance it is necessary to deviate from the identified timeframes, Research Branch and TIB may vary from them as prudence dictates.


Jim Snetsinger
Chief Forester

June 22, 2005


Chief Foresterís Standards for Seed Use, sections 5.3 and 5.4, and Appendix 1