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Pest Management Plan

  This site provides access to information about the Pest Management Plans (PMPs) in the Prince George Business Area of BC Timber Sales, in accordance with Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulation. Links to the individual PMPs are available below.

The PMPs are for a large area and do not specify exact sites of proposed treatment because not all treatment sites are known at the development stage of a PMP.

Detailed information on specific planned treatment sites is shared on an annual basis during the Notice of Intent to Treat (NIT) stage. Also at that time, BC Timber Sales makes every effort to communicate with anyone that might be impacted by a proposed treatment. If you would like to be notified on an annual basis, or if you wish to provide comments and/or questions concerning the BCTS Pest Management Plans within the Prince George and Mackenzie Natural Resource Districts, please click on the following link to complete the public comment form and then click on the 'SUBMIT' button.

Public Comment Form

Please select the link below for the related PMP documents:

PMP - Prince George

PMP - Mackenzie

In addition to the information included on this website, you may view these documents in person at the Prince George Timber Sales Office at 2000 South Ospika Boulevard. 

To arrange for an appointment to view:

·         Prince George PMP - please call Larry Fielding at (250) 614-7434.

·         Mackenzie PMP - please call Raymond Jacob at (250) 997-2240.



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