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  Kamloops Business Area - Team Charter  

This team charter was developed by our Road Ahead Team using input from all members of the Kamloops Business Area team. We used an interview technique to determine values and principles important to everyone. The Road Ahead Team worked on refining the values, principles and interests to one set of statements.

This final charter was presented at an all staff meeting in April 2006 with the following request from the Road Ahead Team: �If you can live with all the statements as presented please sign the Charter.� The symbolic signing helps us see that we all participated in the development of the Charter and share in the responsibility to live up to the values expressed. The signed Charter will be reviewed at future staff meetings to ensure it is still relevant and we are using the principles and values stated to guide our business and responsibility to others. New staff can sign the charter at this time or we can make changes to account for the future.

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