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Established in April 2003 BC Timber Sales is a semi-autonomous program within the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations with financial and operational independence.  BC Timber Sales has an integral role in supporting the Forest Sector Strategy in the BC Jobs Plan and supports the Ministry's four key pillars, its goal of Productive, thriving natural resource sector and resilient communities, and its objective of economic benefits of natural resource development are optimized.

Our vision: To be an effective timber marketer generating wealth through sustainable resource management.

Our Mission: Committed to pursuing excellence in all aspects of our business, maintaining effective stakeholder relations and focusing on results, BC Timber Sales generates economic prosperity for all British Columbians through the safe, sustainable and reliable development and auction of Crown timber and by playing a pivotal role in the ministry's reforestation strategies.

We achieve our mandate by:

  • having skilled, motivated, committed and loyal employees;
  • pursuing efficient, effective and innovative business practices;
  • fostering a culture of continuous improvement;
  • being respected managers of public forests;
  • contributing to the British Columbia economy; and
  • providing opportunities to our customers through the sustainable management of public forests.

In support of our mandate, we have commitments in the following areas:

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