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  Forest Technologist Entry Level Program  


Program Structure and Commensuration for Participants   

The first round of the FTELP will run from Monday, June 6th 2016 to Friday, June 1st 2018. The program accepts a new round of recruits every June.


The FTELP is coordinated by the BCTS Coordinator, Business Excellence.  The day to day FTELP operations will be managed by a Woodlands Supervisor Coach.  The  6 to 12 FTELP participants will be supervised and mentored by 2 to 4 team leads/mentors (see Appendix A: FTELP Field Team Structure). Each Team Lead/Mentor will specialize in a different area of forestry and will be rotated into the program to teach their area of specialty.


The educational structure of the program will primarily be experiential learning (job shadowing and supervised field and office exercises and projects), complimented by some coaching/mentoring (field or office demonstrations and hands on teaching), and formal classroom education (in-class planned lessons on aspects of each of the models below).


Training guides will be provided to FTELP mentors. These guides include a recommended timeframe for regular performance review meetings, and establish expected knowledge and performance target levels for evaluation during participation in the program. Completed training guides will be required to process FTELP graduation.

Participants will be regular, full-time employees, hired as Scientific Technical Officers 18 (STO18s) and under-implemented as STO15 (45,377.90 � 51,516.45) until they earn their full RFT designation. Participants will receive annual salary increments.

Watch for the FTELP job posting in mid-December!

Additional Program Details


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