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  Forest Technologist Entry Level Program  

An exciting opportunity to gain experience in all areas of
forest technology!


The BC Timber Sales FTELP offers participants the opportunity to build on their strong educational foundation by gaining practical hands-on experience as a Forest Technologist in an operational environment with focused support. As full time employees, program participants will gain both the training and experience needed to fully develop their skills in order to achieve their Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) designation with the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP).


Participants will work under a supervisor and mentors who will share their long-term experience as BCTS forest professionals. During the program participants will be exposed to multiple training and development opportunities, including experiential learning, coaching, mentoring, and classroom education, and will gain ample experience in both field and office environments.


FTELP participants will also receive assistance finding housing and a government benefits package, including a minimum of three weeks annual vacation to start, eligibility for the Pacific Leaders Loan Forgiveness Program for BC Student Loans, pension and a comprehensive medical/dental program.

Please note: the FTELP training is two-years full-time in Mackenzie. After two years of training, participants will have an assured job in Northern BC for a minimum of two additional years.

Watch for the FTELP job posting in mid-December!

Additional Program Details


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