Data Terms and Conditions

Concerning Archaeological Site Information

  1. In order to protect and conserve archaeological resources, the Archaeology Branch reserves the right to withhold information in accordance with provisions of the Heritage Conservation Act, 1996.
  2. The intent of the Third Party Access section of the British Columbia Provincial Heritage Register Data Request Form is to safeguard access to archaeological information and site locations, but not to withhold it from those who have a need to know and who have an interest in a site or sites such as: planners, realtors, lawyers, landowners (private, corporate or government), First Nations, academic researchers and archaeologists.
  3. Copyright in all paper and digital files belongs exclusively to the Province of British Columbia. Files provided to end users must not be copied or re-distributed without the permission of the Archaeological Site Inventory Section. Information may be copied for internal use.
  4. A user may present information to a third party or parties who have a need to know if these parties have been identified on the data request form.
  5. Archaeological Information received from this office may not be used as part of any merchantable product(s).
  6. For digital data, site location accuracy is dependant on the recording scale, i.e. the larger the scale the more accurate the information. Site locations are supplied as 25 metre buffered points or as polygons recorded by comparing archaeological data to cadastral mapping.
  7. The information provided only represents that which has been formally recorded and submitted to this office. It is possible that unknown and unrecorded sites exist within your area of interest.
  8. This information does not by itself satisfy the information requirements of an archaeological overview or assessment as outlined in the “B.C. Archaeological Impact Assessment Guidelines”. Contact the Permitting and Assessment Section (250-953-3348) for further information or refer to the Guidelines on our web page.
  9. The personal information you are providing is being collected under the authority of the Heritage Conservation Act and is used to consider your application for access to archaeological site information, to maintain contact with you regarding your application, and to support related processes. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact the Manager, Archaeological Site Inventory Section (250-953-3357).
  10. Questions concerning data content, structure or standards should be directed to the Archaeological Site Inventory Information and Data Administrator,(250-953-3343), Archaeological Site Inventory Section.
  11. The Province makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or fitness for use of any or all data, data products or services provided by the Archaeological Site Inventory Section. The user is encouraged to advise us of any inconsistencies or errors in the information.