Requesting Archaeological Site Records

Archaeological site records in the British Columbia Archaeological Site Inventory are available on a need to know basis. Information is released following the Access to Provincial Archaeological Information Policy. Groups that often require archaeological site information include:

  • First Nations
  • Property owners (private or corporate)
  • Government land use planning agencies (all levels)
  • Academic researchers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Private industry
  • Realtors

To get access to archaeological information, you may submit an online Archaeological Site Data Request Form or complete a data request form in person at the Archaeology Branch office, located at #3, 1250 Quadra Street, Victoria, British Columbia.  Prior to gaining access to archaeological site inventory data, you must agree to established terms and conditions governing data sharing and access.  A link to terms and conditions is found on the data request form.
The branch will complete your data request within 15 working days.

We are experiencing a high volume of data requests resulting in delayed responses. For faster service, a professional consulting archaeologist can provide the information you require.  Archaeologists can be contacted through the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists ( or through local directories.