Introduction and Rationale

If there is an archaeological site on your property, you will have to obtain a permit before you can develop within it. Uncontrolled disturbance of a site will result in the loss of information about events and activities that happened on your property hundreds or thousands of years ago. Damaging a site without a permit is unlawful.

Planning ahead before renovating or building can help ensure associated costs are kept to a minimum and damage to the site is reduced or avoided.

Step 1: Find out if there is an archaeological site on your property!

The Province maintains an inventory of archaeological sites. You can find out if a site is on your property by submitting a data request to the Archaeology Branch.

Step 2: Engage a Professional Archaeologist to determine the required action!

If there is an archaeological site on your property and you plan to develop, you will need to engage a professional archaeologist. The archaeologist will review the situation and determine whether the development will disturb the site.

Professional archaeologists can be contacted through the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists or may advertise on the internet or through the phone directory.

For more information, see the frequently asked questions about private property and development.