Legislation, Agreements, Policies, Guidelines and Bulletins

  • Legislation
    British Columbia’s archaeological sites are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA). This Act is the latest in a number of pieces of legislation focused on the protection of archaeological sites.   Previous legislation includes Indian Graves Ordinance Act of 1865, Historic Objects Preservation Act (1925), the Archaeological and Historic Sites Protection Act (1960 and 1977), superceded by the HCA (1994 and 1996).
  • Agreements
    In order to further encourage and facilitate the protection and conservation of the province’s archaeological sites, the Archaeology Branch has entered into protocol agreements with other provincial government agencies as well as First Nations. These agreements define the roles and responsibilities of the parties in relation to the protection and conservation objectives.
  • Policies and Guidelines
    The branch has implemented various policies and guidelines in an effort to further protection and conservation objectives.
  • Bulletins
    The Archaeology Branch has developed a series of information bulletins which provide up-to-date information on branch policies and procedures.


  • Heritage Permits policy was amended on June 3, 2011
    (bullet 2 – the phrase “inspection and investigation permits only” was deleted)