First Nations - Resources

First Nations Governments can find a variety of resources through the Archaeology Branch. Archaeological site information can be accessed directly through the Remote Access to Archaeological Data (RAAD) website or site records can be sent to you through a B.C. Archaeological Site Data Request Form. You can find out more about RAAD or, if you already have approved access, you can go directly to RAAD.

The Archaeology Branch is the provincial repository for archaeological resource management reports. We have about 5000 archaeological impact assessment reports and over 1000 other archaeological titles available for examination at the branch.

Archaeological sites are protected by legislation and any alteration to the site requires a permit. Any application for a permit made to the Archaeology Branch is referred to First Nations with a Statement of Intent or Consultation Area notation in the permit study area.

First Nations have an important role by ensuring that traditional knowledge and values are part of archaeological information. The Archaeology Branch has developed the Archaeological Bulk Upload Tool to help incorporate information on unrecorded sites into the British Columbia Archaeological Site Inventory. Once in the inventory, this information is used in land and development planning.

The Archaeology Branch works with First Nations to ensure that traditional knowledge and values are part of archaeological information. At First Nations’ request, we have entered into discussions resulting in the Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group MOU Adobe Acrobat Required [487kb] related to archaeological resource management.