Public Education Initiative - Archaeology in the Schools Program

The professional archaeological community in BC has identified public education as a priority for archaeology in British Columbia.  To help foster public awareness of archaeology and spread the message of the importance of heritage conservation, the Archaeology Branch in cooperation with the Royal BC Museum has developed the Archaeology in the Schools program—a guide that professional archaeologists can use to deliver presentations about archaeology to elementary school students in grades 2 – 5. 

The Archaeology in the Schools program introduces children to archaeology by focusing on the types of information archaeologists try to extract from an archaeological site.  Parallels are drawn between an archaeologist’s understanding of an ancient culture and the students’ expertise in their own culture.  Once the value of an archaeological site as a window into ancient times is established, the fragile nature and need for conservation of these sites is introduced.

Introduction to the Program Adobe Acrobat Required [40kb] - Credit, General Goals and Objectives, Priorities, and Key Messages

Visiting Archaeologist's Manual Adobe Acrobat Required [42kb] - List of materials and program outline for a 1.5-hour classroom presentation.

School Teacher's Guide Adobe Acrobat Required [66kb] - A handout for the classroom teacher prior to the presentation.  Contains post-presentation activity ideas and a bibliography for the teacher.

Illustrations and Photographs –  Illustrations and photographs for use in the presentation.

Student Thank You Notes - Notes of appreciation from students who have attended the presentation.

Feedback regarding the Archaeology in the Schools program is encouraged.  Please contact Cynthia Lake with comments or suggestions.