Archaeology Branch Guidelines Transition Project

The Archaeology Branch is undertaking the Guidelines Transition Project starting in 2015.  Goals of the project are to:

  • Update and amalgamate standards, policies, and guidelines in order to streamline operations and improve client service.

  • Improve accessibility of content on the Archaeology Branch website.

  • Achieve better consistency in direction provided by the Archaeology Branch.

  • Create common standards and guidelines shared by the Inventory and Permitting and Assessment sections.

This page is an interim measure for distributing revised guidelines to professional archaeologists as they become available.  Once the majority of key guidelines have been revised, old content will be deleted from the Archaeology Branch website, and new content will be compiled into a permanent format and location on the website. 



Revised Document

Replaces Content in the Following Documents

Date Posted

Site Form

Site Form Technical FAQ

Site Form Guide

         Site Form (Mar 2014; Oct 2015)

         Site Form Guide Dec 2010; Oct 2015)

         ADIF User Manual (2012)


Revised Nov 1, 2017
Photos Template

Subsurface Test Log Template


Nov 1, 2017

Defining Archaeological Site Boundaries and Protection Status

         Site Form Guide (2010)

         ADIF User Manual (2012)

         Bulletin 12:  Lumping and Splitting of Archaeological Site Boundaries (2012)

         “CMT Site Boundaries” (Inventory Mail List message, 14 Jan 2015)

         Defining Archaeological Site Boundaries (Aug 2015; Mar 2016)

Revised Nov 1, 2017

Mapping and Shapefile Requirements

         Site Form Guide (2010)

         Site Form Guide, Appendix B (2010)

         Site Form Guide, Appendix C (2010)

         Bulletin 22:  Enhanced Site Form Mapping Standards (2008)

         Bulletin 23:  Recording Archaeological Study Areas (2011)

        BC Archaeological Inventory Guidelines (2000)

       Mapping and Shapefile Requirements (Aug 2015; Dec 2015)

Revised Nov 1, 2017

Section 14 Inspection

S14 v2, dated March 28, 2017

July 4, 2017

Section 14 Investigation

S14 v1, dated March 28, 2017

July 4, 2017

S12 Alteration

Section 12 Site Alteration Permit Application

March 28, 2017

S14 OGC Permit Application Template

S14 v2, dated March 23, 2017

July 4, 2017

Summary for Permit Amendments   March 23, 2017
Section 14 Permit Application Example Content   March 29, 2017