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Map legends and reports for RTSM and DTSM projects

Map legends

A legend must be attached to each terrain and terrain stability map sheet. The legend must show the date of publication, the extent and date of field-checking, and the TSIL. The legend must also summarize or define any terrain or interpretive classifications and any on-site symbols used on the map. The location of ground checks should be shown on the map. Each map sheet must show latitude and longitude, UTM grid references, and map sheet numbers and boundaries for the corresponding forest cover maps. See Guidelines and Standards for Terrain Mapping in British Columbia (Resource Inventory Committee, 1996a) and the Standard for Digital Terrain Data Capture in British Columbia (Resource Inventory Committee, 1998) for examples of map layout and other terrain mapping conventions. The professional accepting responsibility for the mapping must sign and seal each map sheet.


A brief report should accompany all RTSM and DTSM projects. For small projects, an expanded legend or marginal notes on the map may be sufficient. The following information should be presented in the report or marginal notes:

The professional accepting responsibility for the report must sign and seal it.

Additional Tips for RTSM and DTSM:


Do not...

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