Forest Practices Code, Province of B.C.

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This Forest Practices Code Guidebook is presented for information only

It is not cited in regulation. The Forest and Range Practices Act and its regulations took effect on Jan. 31, 2004. This replaced the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and regulations. For further information please see the Forest and Range Practices Act.

Mapping and Assessing
Terrain Stability Guidebook

Second Edition

August 1999


Table of Contents




Terrain and terrain stability mapping

Reconnaissance terrain stability mapping (RTSM) Detailed terrain and terrain stability mapping (DTSM) Map legends and reports for RTSM and DTSM projects Terrain stability field assessments (TSFAs) References

Appendix 1. Terrain stability mapping systems and criteria

Appendix 2. Example classification and related criteria for assessing the likelihood of landslide debris entering streams

Appendix 3. Example classification: Soil erosion potential

Appendix 4. Example classification and criteria for assessing the risk of sediment delivery to streams

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