Stand Management Prescription Guidebook

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General objective of the stand management prescription

A stand management prescription (SMP) is an operational plan for describing actions to be carried out on a free growing site to:

  • ensure that planned stand management maintains or enhances resource values
  • ensure resource values, including biological diversity, are identified and accommodated
  • set out a series of stand management activities to produce a stand capable of meeting the stated management objectives, including timber supply and timber values.

All stand management activities must follow the intent and meet the treatment standards stated in the SMP.

The SMP was created to complement the silviculture prescription (SP) by specifying a full-rotation plan or stand strategy for an individual stand.

An approved SMP is required by law prior to the commencement of any treatments on free growing stands. SMPs are prepared for the district manager or approved by the district manager.

SMPs were introduced in 1995 with the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act, associated regulations and the 1995 Stand Management Prescription Guidebook. In 1997/1998, through the Forest Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 47), the legislation was amended to streamline the preparation and implementation of operational plans. Content requirements and applications for SMPs were refined and these changes are reflected in this revised guidebook.

This document has been written to help prepare SMPs that comply with the Forest Practices Code. It is limited to the preparation and administration of SMPs that are required under the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and the Operational Planning Regulation (OPR).

For clarification, examples are provided from the revised Ministry of Forests SMP template form for each section of the guidebook. The examples are not necessarily required in terms of either content or format. Items required by the OPR are indicated with an asterisk in the text for easy reference.

The template is a guide to the legislative and regulatory requirements. Additional information may be required to produce a professional document and ensure that the prescribed objectives are clear and achievable. Sound professional judgement and discretion are necessary to ensure a prescription is effective. Local knowledge, procedures and issues will dictate the level of detail required in each section.

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