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Mapping requirements

General objective

  • To provide an accurate visual representation of those physical features, ecological units, standards units, and other resource features referred to in, or with a bearing on, the prescription.

General mapping requirements

A silviculture prescription is required to describe the location of areas where timber will be harvested, areas where timber was damaged or destroyed, and mappable reserves, including wildlife tree patches and riparian reserve zones. A suitable map should ensure that this requirement is fulfilled.

The appropriate scale and level of detail will depend on topography, block size, and complexity of management on the area. Appropriate scale can vary from about 1:5000 to 1:20 000. Whether it is necessary to delineate very small units depends on their impact on the prescription.

The SP template does not yet include digital standards for spatial (map-based) data required as part of the SP. Future work on the SP template is expected to provide these spatial data standards, but in the meantime each statutory decision maker will determine specific map requirements at the local level.

Note: The spatial data standards used for the FDP map will be used for SP standards. A few more need to be added.

Map content

Administrative and area information

The following information is not mandatory but is suggested to simplify administration and provide references to the prescription document:

Resource and ecological information

The total area under the prescription must be illustrated, and must correspond to the area section of the prescription. The prescription map(s) must describe or contain:

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