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Area summaries

General objective

  • To provide values for unit areas and a description of the area under the prescription.


The total area under the prescription includes: productive area, reserve patches of timber or immature trees, natural non-productive area (rock, swamp, water, brush), created non-productive area (planned and existing roads, landings, gravel pits), individual areas of non-commercial brush greater than 4 ha, and any other area, whether or not it is capable of growing trees.

Note that planned or existing roads include those roads previously constructed, those that will be constructed under a road permit or a cutting permit authorized under the Act, and all non-status roads. It does not include roads with tenures granted by other acts, such as public highways, because these are governed by separate legal entities. However, these roads may be shown for information purposes.

The net area to be reforested (NAR) must be described within the prescription document, and illustrated on the prescription map. Reserves with a harvest entry (modification) are to be included in the NAR and should be listed as a separate standards unit. Pruning of trees for windthrow protection or felling of individual hazard trees (as long as the log is left) are not harvest entries, so a standards unit is not required. The Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act defines NAR as that portion of the area under a silviculture prescription that does not include:

Figure 2. Area summary example.

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