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General requirements

General objective

  • To ensure that submission and approval requirements are adequate.

In order for a prescription to be approved or given effect by a district manager it must be consistent, at the date of its submission, with a forest development plan that is in effect, or with a higher level plan in the absence of a forest development plan. It is limited to the content requirements of the Forest Practices Code Act and Regulations. Advice regarding administration of silviculture prescriptions is contained in the document, Administration of Forest Operational Plans for Silviculture Prescriptions. Silviculture prescriptions submitted after June 15, 1998 must comply with the regulations, as deposited on April 2, 1998.


RPF signature and seal

A silviculture prescription must be signed, sealed, and dated by a registered professional forester who is responsible for its content and accuracy.

Licensee signature

Where the holder of a licence agreement is required to complete a silviculture prescription as an obligation of that licence, the prescription must be signed by the holder of the licence or a person who has signing authority. Where the district manager has completed a prescription for a timber sale licence issued under the Small Business Forest Enterprise Program, the licensee must comply with the silviculture prescription conditions as part of the licence agreement.

Government approval

The district manager may give approval or effect to the silviculture prescription, or amendment, only when he/she is satisfied that the measures prescribed are in accordance with the legislation, regulations, and standards, and are adequate to manage and conserve the forest resources of the area to which the prescription applies. The district manager is required to approve a silviculture prescription if the above conditions are met, and may not sign approval if there are any additional requirements outstanding. District managers may require additional information in order to satisfy themselves that the measures being prescribed are adequate to meet management objectives.

Prescription amendments

Amendments to prescriptions may be submitted voluntarily at any time, or may be required by the district manager under specific conditions.

A district manager may request the holder of a prescription approved before May 15, 1996 to prepare and obtain the district manager's approval of an amendment to that prescription respecting any matters identified by the district manager, if the holder is requesting that the Crown assume the prescription under the auspices of section 71 of the Act.

Amendments to prescriptions may be submitted on a silviculture prescription amendment form if the clarity of the original prescription will not be adversely affected, otherwise a new prescription must be submitted to replace the original.

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