Silviculture Prescription Guidebook Table of Contents]

Fire hazard abatement

General objective

Silviculture treatments

General objective

Site preparation


Use of advanced regeneration





Post free growing treatments

Stocking standards

Stocking requirements for clearcutting, patch cutting, group selection, group shelterwood and group seed tree silvicultural systems (including variations with reserves)

Preferred and acceptable species

Minimum allowable horizontal distance

Target stocking standard (TSS)

Minimum stocking standard (MSSpa)

Minimum stocking standard of preferred species (MSSp)

Regeneration date

Free growing assessment period

Maximum density

Post-spacing density range

Minimum height

Crop tree to brush ratio

Other survey criteria

Stocking requirements for even-aged partial cutting systems
not covered by previous section

Stocking requirements for single tree selection

Stocking requirements for commercial thinning

Stocking requirements in riparian management areas

Stocking standards for complex site units

Area summary

Mapping requirements

Scale and general mapping requirements

Map content requirements

Administrative information

Resource and ecological information

Final management units

Area summaries

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