Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Land Tenures Branch

Private Managed Forest Land

The Private Managed Forest Land (PMFL) Program encourages private landowners to manage their lands for long-term forest production. Similar programs have been in existence since 1988. Today, the program continues under the Private Managed Forest Land Act designed to encourage the social, environmental and economic benefits of those practices.

The Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations has responsibility for the PMFL Act which enables the program and the creation of the PMFL Council.

The program is administered by the PMFL Council. The Council’s responsibilities to the Minister include four broad functions:

  • Strategic planning, reporting, and program administration;
  • Setting and monitoring forest practice standards for Managed Forest lands;
  • Enforcing standards and performing audits; and
  • Reviewing landowner applications to the PMFL Program.

The program aims to balance the rights of private property owners while protecting key public environmental values of fish habitat, water quality, critical wildlife habitat, soil conservation, and reforestation.

The Land Tenures Branch acts as the liaison with the PMFL Council and addresses any public concerns which arise as a result of the Act or its program.