VPro Overview

The VPro program has the following major features and functions.

  • Data entry and acquisition
  • Direct data entry using digital FS882 forms or tables. All environment and species codes are linked to libraries with provincial coding standards and user-defined codes.
  • Import data from VTAB and VENUS formats

Data validation

  • "As-you-enter" data code checking against provincial standards
  • Recognition and update of species synonyms
  • Error checking routines for vegetation and environment codes
  • "Audit trail" recording of changes made to existing data records.

Data organization

  • Integrated relational tables of vegetation, site, soils, and other information.
  • Designed to use small "dynasets" of a single Master database to centralize all updates and eliminate the need for multiple databases.
  • Single level classification of plots using Site Unit tables.
  • Multiple level classifications by organizing Site Units into hierarchical structures.
  • Export "splinter" projects for distribution based on Site Unit lists or queries of vegetation and environment data.
  • Merge projects with options to overwrite or preserve existing plots.
  • Search, filter, and query data with ACCESS and VPRO97 functions.

Data summary reports in Microsoft Excel

Several reports are available

  • Vegetation Plot report shows species and cover values for individual plots.
  • Environment Plot report shows environment data for individual plots grouped by site units.
  • "Combo" reports showing a long vegetation report with associated environment data.
  • Vegetation summary report shows "average" species cover values for all plots by site unit. Units can be derived from Site Unit tables, Hierarchy tables, or user selected fields.
  • Diagnostic summary report that calculates the diagnostic value of species for each level in a hierarchy table

All reports are formatted for printing from Excel and can be produced using options such as:

  • combined species codes;
  • color-theme indicator species or species groups (combo-report only);
  • summaries by layer, strata, or lifeform using mean cover and constancy or prominence values.
  • Data analysis
  • Export vegetation and environmental data in PC-ORD compatible formats.

Other features

  • Link to and display scanned images of plot photos.