We have posted a number of short papers relating to wetland ecology for viewing in HTML or Acrobat reader. 

Extension Note 45 - The Ecology of Wetland Ecosystems

Forest Service extension note describing important concepts and the basic the ecological features of wetland ecosystems.  This paper can be viewed or printed on-line in PDF format.

Glossary of Wetland Terms

A list of terms and definitions commonly used in discussion of wetland ecosystems and used frequently in papers posted on this site.

  • Download PDF.

FPC Hydrophyte Species List

The Riparian Management Areas Guidebook of the Forest Practices Code defines Hydrophytic plants species as those that normally grow in standing water or in soils that are water-saturated for all or a major portion of the growing season. This is a draft copy of hydrophytic species in BC for use in wetland determination under the FPC.