Wetland Reports

Major reports particularly with graphics and layout have been posted here in Acrobat Reader format.  Some sections of the report are also in HTML for online viewing.

Estuaries on the North Coast of British Columbia: a reconnaissance survey of selected sites

W.H. MacKenzie, D. Remington, and J. Shaw

  • Download in PDF format (4MB)

Wetlands of British Columbia: A Guide to Identification

WH MacKenzie and J.R. Moran

This guide presents a site classification and interpretative information for wetlands and related ecosystems of British Columbia. Site identification is based upon principles of Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) modified for wetland ecosystems..

  • Download in PDF format (4122K)

A Classification Framework for Wetlands and Related Ecosystems in BC

MacKenzie and Banner, in review

This is a conceptual framework for classification of wetlands and related ecosystems in British Columbia.

  • Download in PDF format (556K, 3 minutes @ 28.8)

Field Description of Wetland and Related Ecosystems in British Columbia

This manual is a non-RIC standard technical addendum to standard ecosystem sampling methodology as described in A Field Guide for Describing Ecosystems in the Field (Province of BC 1998). This paper outlines additional codes, classifications and methods to assist in accurate description of wetland and riparian ecosystems.

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