Wetland and Riparian Ecosystem Project

Welcome to the Web Site for the Wetland and Riparian Ecosystem Classification (WREC) project of the BC Ministry of Forests, Research Branch.

The WREC project began in 1995 as an initiative of the Ministry of Forests to classify the wetland, riparian, and estuarine ecosystems of British Columbia.  This web site provides access to most of the publications and information resources produced from this program.  more about WREC...


Major reports are posted here in PDF (Adobe Acrobat ) format.

  • Classification Framework for wetlands and related ecosystems in British Columbia (MacKenzie and Banner)
  • Wetlands of British Columbia (MacKenzie and Shaw)
  • Reconnaisance survey of North Coast Estuaries (MacKenzie, Remington, Shaw)
  • Field manual for describing wetland ecosystems


Extension notes, white papers, and other short reports are located online in HTML or PDF format