Zone and Provincial Classification Reports

Ecosystems of BC

This special report covers the history and concepts behind BEC, and provides information about each zone. The level of detail is between the Zone Brochures and the Zone Reports and is useful to both the layperson and professional.

Mountain Hemlock Zone Report

This report describes both forested and non-forested ecosystems of the Mountain Hemlock (MH) zone of British Columbia (also referred to as the subalpine MH zone, coastal subalpine forest, or coastal mountain hemlock forest). It is one of 14 technical reports intended to provide a comprehensive account of the biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification (BEC) system as well as some management implications for each zone in the province. These zonal reports should fill the gap between the general description given in "Ecosystems of British Columbia" (Meidinger and Pojar 1991) and the information on site identification and interpretation given in regional field guides.


ECOSYSTEMS of British Columbia - Brochure 01

An Ecological Framework For Resource Managent - Brochure 19

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