Ecosystem Classifications

Forest Classification

Regional Field guides

These are core reports of the BEC program, describing in detail site classification by BGC Unit.The study and classification of mature forest communities has been the core focus of the BEC program. The "Field Guides to Site Identification and Interpretation" are produced by each Ministry of Forests Region and are an essential technical resource for anyone who works in forest ecology, silviculture, land mapping (including TEM and PEM), vegetation inventory, etc.

Subzone Classifications

For convenience, extracts from the published field guides have been subset from the appropriate guide(s) and are available for each biogeoclimatic zone, subzone or variant.

Coast Region Variant Descriptions

This site provides subzone variant descriptions (distribution, climate, vegetation), charts, area, links and more.

Zone and Provincial Classification Reports

Reports and Brochures of provincial or inter-regional in scope

Classification of Non-forested and Seral Ecosystems

TR068 Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification of Non-forested Ecosystems in British Columbia

This report formalizes new higher level site units for BEC. High level site units are presented for all naturally occuring non-forested ecosystems in British Columbia including alpine, subalpine krummholz and shrubland, grassland, rock outcrop and talus, beach and rocky headland, persistent disclimax ecosystem, and others.

Wetlands and Related Ecosystems

Reports from the Wetland and Riparian Ecosystem special project

The Wetland and Riparian Ecological Classification project is a special initiative within the BEC program to classify the wetland, riparian, and estuarine ecosystems of British Columbia.

Grassland Ecosystems

Classification of southern and central interior grasslands

Seral Ecosystems

Preliminary reports on classification of forested and non-forested seral ecosystems

Garry Oak and related Ecosystems

Ecosystem classification of Garry oak and related ecosystems.

Alpine and Subalpine Ecosystems

Preliminary reports on the zone and site classification of British Columbias high elevation ecosystems