The BEC Program

The BEC program is comprised of Research Branch ecologists working at the provincial level and Regional Ecologists in each of the Regions and Subregions.

The mandate of the Research Branch program is to coordinate regional classifications and provincial BGC unit mapping, set provincial standards and to deal with other issues of provincial or inter-jurisdictional scope. Regional researchers work more closely with Forest District staff and licensees for field application of the system.

All researchers work on the BEC as the core mandate of their program but have additional research programs investigating at a diverse array of subjects.

BEC Program Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Ecologically-based management of British Columbia's ecosystems.

The BEC Program vision reflects the province’s extremely diverse landscapes, strong regional climatic gradients and complex local site variations.  Over the past 30 years BEC has provided the ecological framework and an ecologically based working language for ecosystem management in BC.  As a result, the province has become and is regarded as a leader in ecologically based management in North America .  The approach not only contributes to sustainable resource management, it also helps to instill public confidence in the ministry and government and has helped industry to maintain market access in increasingly demanding and competitive markets.  The BEC Program strongly embraces this vision.

Mission: Provide a scientifically-based ecological framework and the related knowledge for managing British Columbia's ecosystems.

The program’s mission reflects the fact that the above vision can only be achieved through the development of a framework, classification system, knowledge and related tools that are based on a scientific understanding of the province’s ecosystems and the variables that affect them.  It is through a strong commitment to science and scientific principles that the BEC system will sustain its outstanding utility and reputation.

Values: practical solutions, sustainable ecosystems, ecological ethic. 

BEC staff embrace the values identified by the MOFR and Range’s Service Plan as well as those presented in the Forest Science Program’s Strategic framework 2005/06-2009/10.  Additional values guiding BEC staff are: practical solutions, sustainable ecosystems and an ecological ethic.  British Columbia has benefited greatly from the BEC Program’s adherence to these values which underlie an ecologically-based framework, common language and practical tools for forest and range management.