Current Projects

The following are proposed changes to regional BEC and ongoing BEC related research.

Coast Area Update

Outline: The entire Coast Area will be updated with the project area divided into three guides: Haida Gwaii, North & Central Coast, and South Coast. Details can be viewed here: Coast Area BEC Update Document

Project Lead: Sari Saunders

North Interior Area Updates

Outline: At this time the only planned North Area update is a guide for the Robson Valley TSA which will finalize a draft classification from 2006. The Field Guide to the Boreal White and Black Spruce was released in 2012 and applies to both Cassiar and Peace project areas.

Skeena Region BEC Update Document

Omenica & Peace Update Document

Project Lead: Bruce Rogers

South Interior Area Updates

Outline: Extensive changes are anticipated for the South Interior Area. Projects are grouped by Region.

Kootenay-Boundary : Deb MacKillop

Includes South Columbia, North Columbia, and Rocky Mountain project areas.

Kootenay Boundary Update Document

Thompson-Okanagan: Mike Ryan

Includes Thompson-Okanagan and Lilloet project areas.

Thompson-Okanagan Update Document

Cariboo Grassland Guide: Ray Coupe