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Agapeta zoegana

Plant species attacked: Diffuse knapweed | Meadow knapweed | Spotted knapweed
Biocontrol Agent Type: Root feeding moth
Country of Origin: The populations released in BC orginated in Europe
First Released in BC: 1982
Click on image to view larger photo: Adult agapeta zoegana on knapweed Larva on root Field release
Positive monitoring and/or dispersal locations in BC on Diffuse, Spotted, and Meadow knapweeds:
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Established Agapeta zoegana on Diffuse knapweed locations Established Agapeta zoegana on Spotted knapweed locations Established Agapeta zoegana on Meadow knapweed locations
Download Field Guide: Operational Field Guide - Agapeta zoegana
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